We act with the awareness that water is a vital resource. The measures taken to support water saving in our hotel aim to provide a better accommodation experience not only for our environment but also for our guests. In our water section, we explain how we embrace these core values and what we do to offer our guests a sustainable accommodation experience.


In order to provide the highest quality water to our guests, we constantly control the water quality in our hotel and apply the necessary purification processes. This is an investment made to ensure the quality of both drinking water and the water used within the hotel. In addition, water purification systems for recycling are also used to reuse wastewater without harming the Nature.


We ensure that you do not compromise on your comfort while minimizing our water consumption with smart water systems and low-flow fixtures. In this way, we both protect natural resources and save on water consumption.


The water pumps used in our hotel belong to the "WILO" brand, which is known worldwide for its quality and reliability in the industry. WILO is a world brand known for its innovative solutions in water and energy management. Including pumps of this brand in our hotel's plumbing systems is an important step in terms of durability and energy efficiency. The water system pressure ongoing in our hotel is fixed at 5 bar with Wilo pumps. In this way, we provide both comfort and water savings.