In our hotel, comfort is not only associated with a warm atmosphere, but also with environmentally friendly energy use. With the environmentally friendly technologies and effective insulation strategies we apply in our heating and cooling systems, we offer a pleasant welcome to our guests and fulfill our responsibility to preserve the balance of nature.


All areas of the hotel are equipped with Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners, which produce energy-saving products and systems in order to contribute to the creation of a conscious society that simultaneously achieves the goals of a sustainable, safe, secure and comfortable lifestyle, with its efforts to become the world's leading green company.
Temperature limits are constantly updated by our hotel management through the automation system. In this way, both the comfort of our guests and energy savings are ensured.


The argon gas double glazing technology used in the windows of our guest rooms, plays an important role in temperature regulation and energy saving. Argon gas, filled between the glass panels, reducing the transition between internal and external temperatures. This helps us to optimize our energy costs while protecting your rooms from the external effects.