Sailor's Beach Club constantly strives to improve itself in environmental, social, cultural, economic, quality, human rights, health and safety issues. Sailor's Beach Club continues its work by prioritizing human and environmental harmony, thru adopting the traditional Turkish Hospitality with a sustainable management philosophy. With these efforts, our hotel not only offers a comfortable accommodation experience, but also adopts the vision of creating positive effects in various areas.



Energy saving is one of the cornerstones of our sustainability journey. Our hotel was designed by focusing on energy used with innovative technologies, environmentally friendly practices and renewable resources. In our energy section, you'll discover how we optimize our energy use thru supporting our goal of conserving natural resources.


We act with the awareness that water is a vital resource. The measures taken to support water saving in our hotel aim to provide a better accommodation experience not only for our environment but also for our guests. In our water section, we explain how we embrace these core values and what we do to offer our guests a sustainable accommodation experience.


By adopting the principle of environmental sustainability, our hotel is committed to providing an accommodation experience in harmony with nature. We minimize environmental impacts while providing our guests with a comfortable accommodation experience. Our environmental section opens the door for you to discover our hotel's nature-integrated and environmentally friendly approach.


In our hotel, comfort is not only associated with a warm atmosphere, but also with environmentally friendly energy use. With the environmentally friendly technologies and effective insulation strategies we apply in our heating and cooling systems, we offer a pleasant welcome to our guests and fulfill our responsibility to preserve the balance of nature.


Our hotel is strictly committed to the principle of respect and support for human rights and has adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a principle. Human rights are a core value we provide to our guests and employees. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They have reason and conscience and should act towards each other with a mentality of brotherhood.”


Our hotel is more than just an accommodation center, it is a cultural meeting point. We embracing the rich texture of culture not only as an understanding of hospitality but also as a value. We attach importance to the promotion and protection of cultural heritage works that were created by previous generations and cultures in our country and have universal values.