You can reward your body during your holiday with various massages and therapies in Wellness & SPA in addition to our free services such as Bath, Sauna, Fitness Center and Sweat Room in Health Center & SPA located in Sailor's Beach Club. The duration of care or therapies and the fees to be paid can vary and you can get detailed information from our health center.
Turkish Bath In the life of the Turks, baths are not only a place of washing, but also centers of health, social and cultural activities. You can use the Turkish Bath which is located in our health center throughout your holiday. The Turkish Bath will relieve you and ease your soul.
Sauna The use of the first sauna started in the Central Asian steppes. It reached Central Asia to Russia and from there to the Scandinavian countries, completing its development in Finland. You can use the sauna in our health center throughout your holiday. After a hot sauna session, shower with cold water will energize your body.
Sweat Room Sweat room session will help you to leave all your fatigue, and so it will help you with a deep and comfortable sleep. During your stay you can use the sweat room located in our health center.
Massages Refresh your body with Far Eastern massages and enjoy your holiday. Aromatherapy, Bali Massage, Thai Massage, Back Massage, Skin Care and many more massages ...

The types and times of special massages and therapies you can receive at our health center vary and are fee-based.
Bath Massages In the Turkish Bath, the rubbing and foam session will be good for you.
The types and duration of special rubbing or foam therapy you can receive in the Turkish Bath vary and are fee-based.
Fitness You can burn your calories in the gym to stay fit and spend your energy.
During your stay you can use the Fitness Center, located in our health center.