Our Cats

With the purpose of preserving the natural life of Cats, a project is carried out under the supervision of Guest Relations Department Manager, Mr. Carola Graihen.

A Message From Our Cats!

Welcome to our hotel. As Cats, we can live here freely. Please just play with us when we want. Do not forget we are wild cats and we are not used to being close to people. Be careful but you do not have to be afraid of us, we are all healthy and regularly go through Veterinary Control.
If you see one of us is sick, then tell Carola and he will help us. You can find him in the lobby of our hotel and he will be very happy for your support.
You do not need to give us food. Carola gives us food twice a day, and we get enough.
We wish you a good holiday and good fun as your hotel's cats!