Your expectation of a healthy, positive and energetic holiday will renew you with our ineffable service understanding for your soul and body.
Massage parlour, Turkish bath, sauna, indoor swimming pool, steam bath, and a fitness center are located in our spa center.
Magic hands will take you to other worlds, refreshed and lightened. You will notice that your energy is returning, your mind, your body and soul having been cleansed and revived.
*It is not appropriate for children under the age of 16 to use the bath, sauna and steam room for safety and health.


The traditional Turkish Bath relaxes your soul and skin giving you a fresh and fit start.


In our sauna room, allow your holiday to go well by allowing yourself and your body to be relieved of stress.


It allows toxins and harmful substances accumulated in the body by activities throughout the day to be ejected through sweat.


Feel reborn with magic touches that re-release the energy in your body, massages that reduce pain and stress, and regenerate your skin.


Do not take a break from sports during your holiday, exceed your limits in our gym.