Our hotel is strictly committed to the principle of respect and support for human rights and has adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a principle. Human rights are a core value we provide to our guests and employees. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They have reason and conscience and should act towards each other with a mentality of brotherhood.”


We act with the commitment to protect the health, safety and welfare of all our employees and in this context, we attach importance to the principle of equality.
We apply an equal pay policy to all our employees, regardless of gender. In line with the principle of justice and equality, we offer a fair wage to all our employees who consider their jobs to be of equal value.
We support women's participation in the workforce and offer equal opportunities in all our units. We encourage our female employees in various fields to provide a working environment free of gender discrimination.
We distribute tasks by considerating the principle of equality and offer equal responsibilities and opportunities to all our employees.
By creating our education policies, we encourage women's participation and support increasing awareness. We aim to contribute equally to the career development of our employees through continuing education and crew trainings.
We create a working environment and practices where our employees can maintain their work-family life balance. We help our employees live a harmonious life with their families with flexible working hours and supportive policies.
We do not allow women to be subjected to any form of abuse, harassment, discrimination, oppression, coercion or slander. If such situations are encountered, we provide an effective complaint mechanism and take the necessary steps to ensure justice.


As Sailor's Beach Club, we respect and attach great importance to the rights and welfare of our employees. Fair labor relations, occupational safety and health, working hours and rest, wages and salaries, freedom of labor union, anti-child labor and forced labor, equal pay for equal work, disabled people. We act lawfully and sensitively on homosexual rights issues.