By adopting the principle of environmental sustainability, our hotel is committed to providing an accommodation experience in harmony with nature. We minimize environmental impacts while providing our guests with a comfortable accommodation experience. Our environmental section opens the door for you to discover our hotel's nature-integrated and environmentally friendly approach.


Our hotel has the "International Blue Flag" quality certificate, which carries high standards in environmental sustainability and water quality. Blue Flag is an environmental and sustainability certificate awarded to various beaches and marinas worldwide. This certificate authenticates that our hotel meets high-level standards in protecting natural resources, clean water and beach management by adopting environmentally friendly practices.


Since our hotel has successfully implemented the zero waste management system, it has a ZERO WASTE Certificate valid until 28.12.2025. This document states that waste reduction, proper storage and separation for recycling, reduction of chemical consumption, and the recording and proper disposal of all wastes (Medical - Electronic - Hazardous, etc.) are managed under control.


We play videos on our room TV channels that try to raise environmental awareness and encourage our guests to economy.
We provide our guests with information on preventing food waste through digital screens in our restaurants.
We first inform our guests who connect to the hotel Wifi system about sustainability. In this way, our guests realize that they are having an environmentally friendly accommodation experience.
We remind our guests to save water in the bathrooms of the guest rooms through specially prepared visuals.
We provide systems that allow our guests to contact hotel staff to change the sheets and towels used in their rooms when necessary.
In order to reduce paper use in our hotel, we provide informations to our guests digitally via QR codes. In addition, we minimize paper use by carrying out the communication and document archive between all our managers and departments in digital ways.


Within the framework of our cooperation with the Kemer Municipality homeless animal care home, we contribute to the needs of homeless animals by providing the consumable waste food we collect in our hotel to the care home.
The hedgehogs and cats living in our garden make benefical contributions to the natural ecosystem of our hotel. They control harmful vermin, fertilize the garden, create a natural wormery compost, and thus contribute to the balance of nature.


The plants and trees in our garden are introduced to our guests with an impressive story and the concept of "Sailor's Garden of Green Tales" with information signs and QR codes. Through this interactive system, our guests can discover not only the visual beauty of plants but also their cultural and mythological connections.
6 of the 12 plants and trees in the "Happy Plant" category, identified by NASA for oxygen production in extraterrestrial environments, are specially grown in our garden. These plants in our garden, which have the potential to provide an high oxygen production with light and natural methods, especially in closed areas such as space stations, are labeled on information signs and introduced to our guests.


We have been using "Diversey" brand products for many years in cleaning our rooms and washing bed linens and towels. Diversey products adopt the principle of environmental sustainability and contain environmentally friendly formulations. While these products meet high standards in terms of cleaning effectiveness, they also aim to use materials that are environmentally friendly and respectful of human health.