Energy saving is one of the cornerstones of our sustainability journey. Our hotel was designed by focusing on energy used with innovative technologies, environmentally friendly practices and renewable resources. In our energy section, you'll discover how we optimize our energy use thru supporting our goal of conserving natural resources.


The electricity used in our hotel comes 100% from Solar Energy source. Through the investments and commitments made in 2023, all the electricity needs of our hotel are met entirely by solar energy. Our hotel, which has an I-REC certificate, supplied all of the electrical energy it uses in 2023 from the Solar Power Plant named "Celtikci Group 2, PG TK CL DZ2" located in Denizli Çeltikli. In this way, by using %100 clean electrical energy, zero carbon emissions have been achieved in our hotel.


Presence sensors, which constantly scan our guest rooms, save energy by cutting off the electricity when they detect that there is no one in the room. For security and comfort purposes, only the bathroom and mini bar have constant electricity. In addition, through the sensors on our room balcony doors, when the balcony door is forgotten open, the air conditioner automatically turns off to save energy.


Energy-saving LED lights were used in guest rooms, general areas and staff areas. In this way, we achieve low energy consumption, low heat effect, long life, better lighting quality and an environmentally friendly approach.


Our hotel produces hot water with 144 solar panels located on the lobby roof. We reduce through these panels the use of fossil fuels by offering an environmentally friendly solution in hot water production. At the same time, hot water obtained from solar energy panels increases the energy efficiency of our hotel, allowing us to offer our guests an environmentally friendly accommodation experience.


In order to strengthen its commitment to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, our hotel has established an electric car charging station at the hotel parking lot in cooperation with Zorlu Energy Group. Through this strategic cooperation, our guests can easily charge their electric vehicles while also contributing the support of environmentally friendly transportation.