Diving and Nature Sports

Diving and Nature Sports


Kemer region is a region where the diving sport, the most important of the Tekirova Region Underwater Sports, is very common. Three islands off Tekirova and Phaselis Bay are the prominent diving spots with underwater richness.

When you dive in these regions, you have the chance to travel in historical and natural beauties besides the beauty of the Mediterranean.

All the beaches in Kemer and its surroundings have possibilities for water sports (banana, jet ski, parasailing, sea parachute).

Nature Sports

The history of Kemer and its region lies on the borders of the Lycian Trade Road. It offers Trekking opportunities, Taurus Mountains, ancient cities, national parks, canyons, valleys, caves and nature sports for the enthusiasts. It is possible to participate in many activities such as mountain-rock climbing in the area, speleology, mountaineering, rafting, jeep safari, mountain bike and nature photography. In recent years, safari tours have attracted much attention in high places such as Söğüt Cuması, Altınkaya, Dere köy. There are horse farms in Camyuva region which have wide possibilities and are well-kept, offering many activities. These farms  with wide manages have horse riding trainings, horse riding trips to ancient mythological cities and forest tours. Accommodation on these farms is also possible.

The area starting from Antalya Trade Port to Çavuş (Adrasan) area is "Olympos Bey Mountains Coastal National Park. In this region, there are daily picnic places and recreation facilities such as Kındıl Çeşme, Alacasu. You can also camp in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. The people of Kemer usually go out to higher areas such as Gödene Plateau (Altınyaka), Green Plateau (Söğüt Cuması), Üçoluk Plateau and Belen Plateau. Söğüt Cuması is founded on the Taurus Mountains and is quite crowded in the summer months.