Our hotel is more than just an accommodation center, it is a cultural meeting point. We embracing the rich texture of culture not only as an understanding of hospitality but also as a value. We attach importance to the promotion and protection of cultural heritage works that were created by previous generations and cultures in our country and have universal values.


We offer our guests local and Turkish cuisine options with a rich menu every day. By combining traditional flavors with modern presentations, we delight the palate and take our guests on a journey of taste.
As Sailor's Beach Club, we created the "Foodlab" concept in order to maintain our leadership in the kitchen. In this context, we continue to discover creative and original flavors by constantly conducting research and culinary development studies.
We encourage our guests to share with us the special recipes they learned from previous generations in their own homes. We cook these recipes in our hotel's kitchen and share these flavors with all our guests. At the same time, we share the interviews with our guests who gave their prescriptions with all our guests on our room TV info channels.


On our guest room TV information channels we broadcast short videos about historical monuments, museums and natural beauties in our country. These works, ranging from ancient times to the present, will fascinate you with their rich history and cultural heritage. Join us on a historical journey with detailed information and images.