At Sailor’s Beach Club, the comfort, happiness which are combined with a rich leisure experience of our guests are always our top priority. Therewithal, as sustainability has become one of the most critical global goals in today's world, we, as Sailor’s Beach Club, bear the responsibility of actively contributing to this important movement. We created our "All Inclusive and Sustainability" concept with this awareness,  . This concept centers on our goal of reducing environmental impact and fulfilling our social responsibilities while providing our guests with a unique comfort and luxury.

Our innovative approach aims to contribute to the protection of our planet and social well-being, while ensuring the unforgettable holiday experience of our guests. We adopt sustainability principles in every detail, from energy efficiency to water saving, from waste reduction and recycling practices to encouraging the use of local products. Additionally, by involving our guests in this process, we aim to increase their awareness of the environment while enjoying a sustainable holiday.

By experiencing the perfect harmony of sustainability and luxury at Sailor’s Beach Club, our guests can enjoy the peace of making a positive difference for both themselves and their environment. With our "Sustainable All Inclusive" concept, we take the understanding of sustainability in the hotel industry to a new level and take important steps towards leaving a greener and livable world to future generations.
Health Priority
Our chef de Cuisine is an expert who fully understands the impact of food on your health. It selects the best ingredients and strictly adheres to hygiene rules to prepare healthy and balanced meals.

Researcher Approach
We do deep and detailed researches for every new recipe or menu item. Studying local and international cuisines and keeping up with the latest food and gastronomy trends is and important part of our job.

Our Passion for Development 
Our Chef de Cuisine not only follows classic recipes, but also constantly nurtures his passion for creating new flavours. Sailor’s Beach Club’s menu is constantly expands as a result of this passionate approach. Creative dishes that push the boundaries of taste and delicacies that draw attention with traditional tastes are waiting for you at our gastronomy zones led by our  Chef de Cuisine. We thank him and his team, because together with them, the Sailor’s Beach Club Kitchen becomes a truly special place.

07.00 – 10.30 Breakfast Buffet - Savarona Restaurant
11.00 – 18.00 Special Desserts, Ground Coffee and French Press Herbal Tee varietes – Patisserie Pine - Patisserie Pine
11.00 – 16.00 Snack Buffet and Ice Cream – Marinas Snack & Bar - Marinas Snack & Bar
12.30 – 14.30 Lunch Buffet  - Savarona Restaurant
15.00 – 18.30 Waffle, Baked Potato and Sandwich - Food Corner
19.00 – 19.30 Kids Buffet  - Savarona Restaurant
19.00 – 21.00 Dinner Buffet - Savarona Restaurant
22.45 – 23.30 Late Dinner Buffet - Savarona Restaurant Teras
24.00 – 07.00 Night Buffet, Breakfast verietes, Light Desserts and Fruit - Patisserie Pine

09.00 – 02.00 All Soft and Alcoholic Beverages – Chic Lobby Bar
10.00 – 24.00 All Soft and Alcoholic Beverages -Alarga Pool Bar
10.00 – 18.00 All Soft and Alcholic Beverages – Marinas Snack & Bar 
11.00 – 18.00 Ground Coffee and French Press Herbal Tee varietes – Patisserie Pine
11.00 – 18.00 Ice Cream varietes, Milky Beverages and Fruit Juices – Cold & Milky Bar 

Our rich beverage menu includes many local and imported beverages, delicious cocktails selected from the international mixology literature and a wide range of soft drinks.

Our stylish, cozy and inviting bars within our hotel have been carefully designed to provide our guests with unforgettable moments. Our venues, where you can relieve the stress of life, have pleasant conversations with your friends or simply sip your drink in a peaceful atmosphere, offer an experience to suit every taste.

Our experienced bartenders offer you unique tastes in a wide range from classic cocktails to modern and innovative drinks. Whether you prefer a dazzling martini or an exotic mojito, make every moment of the day special with our specialistic prepared drinks.

CHAPA RESTAURANT is a gastronomy zone offering the fresh breezes of the Mediterranean and a rich variety of fish. Our Chef, who specializes in excotic cuisines and seafood, presents the best examples of Mediterranean ans Excotic cuisines and presents unforgettable tastes to the palate. At CHAPA, which reflects the freshness of the sea on every plate, every meal turns into a story and offers our guests a unique eating and drinking experience. Our exclusive Turkish wine list has been carefully selected to help you find the perfect bouquet treat to accompany your meals.
At RISTORANTE BASILICO, we introduce you to the rich flavors of Italy. Our chef prepares each plate like a work of art, using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Our menu offers a distinguished range of Italian delicacies, from homemade pasta and delicious risottos to meat and seafood. Each dish is carefully prepared, inspired by different regions of Italy, and conveys the stories and cultures of these regions to you through flavors.

Important to Know:
Reservation Required: In order to maintain our service quality, your reservation is needed in advance for your visit to our A la Carte Restaurants. Please reserve your place by contacting the Guest Relation at least one day before your planned visit.
Service Fee:
In order to maintain our specially prepared atmosphere and service quality and ensure that each guest has the best experience, a service fee is charged per person. Our A la Carte Restaurants are open every day between 19.30 - 22.00, except Tuesdays.

The Main Pool
Our main pool, which is one of the most enjoyable ways to escape the heat and cool down during your holiday, is waiting for you with its blue waters. Discover the relaxing effect of swimming in our crystal clear water while enjoying the sun all day long.

Our beach towels, shades and sun loungers are at your service free of charge. You can change your beach towel wirh a clean one every day, with paying attention to environmental health and sustainability issues.
Pool Features

General Features:
140 cm depth where guests of all ages can swim comfortably. Sun lounger and umbrella areas for those who want to sunbathe and a Pool Bar serving refreshing drinks by the pool.

You can keep your energy high with activities such as water aerobics organized throughout the day, and embellish your holiday with special events organized by the pool. Our pool is an ideal option for our guests who want to both relax and have fun.

Safety and Hygiene:
The health and safety of our guests is our top priority. Our pool is cleaned regularly in accordance with the highest hygiene standards and the water quality is constantly checked.

Kiddie Pool:
A safe and fun water playground for our little guests. Pool depth is 44 cm.

Aquapark & Water Slides:
Welcome to the fun water world of Sailor’s Beach Club! Our Aquapark Pool is waiting for you with four different slides where you can enjoy the Summersplash. One of these slides designed for adrenaline enthusiasts makes a difference with its special boat experience and takes the water adventure to the next level.
Our aquapark is designed to provide unforgettable moments to our guests of all ages. Each of the slides appeals to different levels of excitement; so there's some fun for everyone. While our boat slide offers a unique experience of gliding over the water, the other three slides are ideal for those who love speed and excitement. Pool depth varies between 110 cm and 140 cm.
Heated Indoor Pool:
The indoor pool in our hotel offers a comfortable swimming experience throughout the season. In April, May and October, the pool's heating system is activated so that the temperature of the water is always kept at the ideal level. This feature is perfect for our guests who want to spend time comfortably in the water, especially on cool days. Pool depth varies between 90 cm and 130 cm.

Our beach facility, located directly at the sea, has a 70-meter long beach. Our beach is covered with pebbles and is famous for its clean and clear water. Compared to sandy beaches, pebble beaches allow water to drain quickly, resulting in clear sea water. You will be fascinated by the friendly little fishes that accompany you while swimming in the sea surrounded by clear blue waters and green mountain views.

Our beach towels, shades and sun loungers are at your service free of charge. You can change your beach towel wirh a clean one every day, with paying attention to environmental health and sustainability issues.
The Walking Ramp Facilitating the Entrance to the Sea, At our hotel, we offer an innovation specially designed to strengthen the comfort of our valued guests and their connection with the sea. Our Mini Walking Ramp! This unique feature allows our guests of all ages and abilities to access the crystal waters of the sea easily and safely. Our Mini Walking Ramp is harmoniously integrated into our hotel's beach and is designed to make entering the water more accessible and effortless.


Water Shoes, Sea shoes are an important need to make walking on pebbly beaches more comfortable. These shoes protect your feet from sharp stones and hot sand.

Suncream, High factor sunscreen is important to protect from the sun's harmful UV rays. Waterproof ones also provide protection while swimming in the sea.

Snorkel Set, The snorkel set will provide great pleasure for our guests who want to explore under the clear water. The rich marine life of the Kemer region is ideal for this event.

Hat and Sunglasses, Hats and sunglasses with UV protection are important to protect the head and eyes when the sun is at steep angles.

Water Bottle, We recommend bringing refillable canteen or water bottles with you to stay hydrated on hot days. In Kemer's hot climate, water consumption becomes even more important. In order to reduce the use of plastic water bottles for sustainability, there is a water station on the beach for you to fill your canteen or water bottle.

Waterproof Phone Case, A waterproof case can be used to protect your phone from water and sand while spending time at the beach.

Light and Breathable Clothing, Clothing made of lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen provides comfort in hot weather conditions.

Our hotel's charming sea jetty offers direct access to the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, promising a unique experience for our guests. While you enjoy the sun and the sea during the day, we offer you the opportunity to discover the mysterious beauties of the underwater world at night with the lighting coming from under the jetty.
Our jetty, with its seafront location, allows our guests to easily access the cool waters. It is the perfect spot for those who want to sunbathe, swim or just watch the stunning views of the Mediterranean. This special area designed for sea lovers awaits everyone who wants to spend peaceful and calm moments on the water.
At night, our jetty takes on a completely different atmosphere. This magical ambience, where fish and other sea creatures can be seen with the lighting from under the jetty, offers a unique experience for couples who want to spend romantic moments and curious eyes who want to see the beauties of nature up close. Accompanied by this beautiful view, our guests can experience the magic of the night by the sea, under the stars.

The Walking Ramp Facilitating the Entrance to the Sea, At our hotel, we offer an innovation specially designed to strengthen the comfort of our valued guests and their connection with the sea. Our Mini Walking Ramp! This unique feature allows our guests of all ages and abilities to access the crystal waters of the sea easily and safely. Our Mini Walking Ramp is harmoniously integrated into our hotel's beach and is designed to make entering the water more accessible and effortless.

WATER SPORTS ( Paid Service)
Make your holiday unforgettable with the various and exciting water sports offered to our guests by a Subcontractor of the Municipility at the beach of our hotel! Our activities, where you will experience adrenaline-filled moments in the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, will add fun and adventure to your holiday. Please note again, all water sports listed below are chargeable and operated by an Subcontractor as stated above.
Parasailing, Jet Ski, Water Ski, Flyboard, Sub Board, Banana, Ringo, Canoe and Pedal Boat.
Among the water sports offered by a Subcontractor in our hotel, parasailing was one of the most preferred activities by our guests in 2023. During this exciting experience, you will take a high flight over the magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains, discovering the unique beauties of the sea and the environment from a bird's eye perspective. In addition, to immortalize these unforgettable moments, high-quality video shooting service is also offered with a professional drone during your flight.
Water sports provide excellent opportunities to enjoy nature and the sea, as well as adding movement and adventure to your holiday. All equipment and safety instructions are provided and activities are managed by experienced staff. We would like to remind you again that the Water Sports operation is carried out by a Subcontractor.

At LAUREL SPA, you will have an experience tailored to your personal needs and preferences, with a wide range of therapies offered by our specialised therapists. Massages, skin treatments, aromatherapy sessions and detox programs are offered with an approach that blends modern techniques and traditional methods. Each therapy has been carefully selected to provide you with maximum relaxation and a feeling of renewal.
The spa center includes Massage Parlors, Turkish Bath, Sauna, Steam Bath, Indoor Swimming Pool and Fitness. 
Special Services
Personalized therapy programs:
Knowing that each guest is unique, we prepare personalized health and wellness programs. Reservation and Visit Information: Before your visit to LAUREL SPA, please make a reservation so that we can plan the most suitable therapy and services for you. This way, we can prepare everything necessary in advance to offer you an unforgettable experience.

At our hotel, we offer an entertainment program full of activities throughout the day and big shows and live music later in the evening to make our guests holidays fun and unforgettable. Our energetic and experienced animation team aims to embellish your holiday with various activities that appeal to guests of all ages.

Daily Programs, A number of activities are organized at various points of our hotel throughout the day for everyone to enjoy. Sports activities such as morning exercises, aqua gym, beach volleyball, table tennis, darts and boccia will keep your energy high. Games and competitions specially designed for children ensure that our little guests have a fun time. Additionally, creative and educational activities such as arts and crafts workshops, dance lessons and water sports demonstrations continue throughout the day.

Big Evening Shows, After the sunset, the stage is left to our hotel's talented animation team and special guest artists. Our team makes your holiday unforgettable with big shows, musicals, dance shows and live music performances with different themes every evening.
These shows offer to our guests, the perfect opportunity to relieve the tiredness of the day and get lost in the magic of the Mediterranean evenings.

Speical Theme Evening, Special themed nights are organized on certain days of the week. On these nights, our guests find themselves surrounded by food, music and dance from different cultures.

PULPO Kids Club is a children's club where the children can learn and develop their creativity and social skills while having fun while on holiday. We aim to offer the children an unforgettable holiday experience by prioritizing their safety and happiness. Fun and educational activities are organized for children between the ages of 4 and 12 at PULPO Kids Club.


Educational Workshops:
Arts and crafts workshops and more that aim to increase children's dexterity and creativity.

Sports and Movement:
Team sports such as mini football, basketball, beach volleyball and individual activities such as yoga and gymnastics contribute to the physical development of children.
Outdoor Adventures:
Children have fun in nature with various outdoor games.
During your stay, mini disco and special shows for children increase the entertainment dose of your holiday.

Modern and Safe Toys:
Modern and safe toys suitable for children's physical and mental development.
While PULPO Kids Club gives your children fun, educational and unforgettable moments during their holidays, it also offers you, the parents, the opportunity to spend your time freely. While your children spend their time safe and happy at PULPO Kids Club, you also can enjoy your holiday.

We carefully clean the baby beds placed in your room. Room cleaning is done on a priority basis in line with the requests of our guests with babies. You can use the kettle in your room to prepare Baby Food.

Baby Bathtub: Upon your request, you can request a baby bathtub to your room and a new bathtub net, which will not be taken back. 

Baby Bottle Sterilization, Baby Bottle Sterilization device is always at your service at Savarona Restaurant children's buffet.

Baby Food, In our Savarona Retaurant, we have ready solid baby foods and do it yourself corner  suitable for babies, as well as baby food preparation and heating units.

You can request help for your baby's food at any time of the day. We are always ready to help within our means.

Baby High Chair, High Chairs for Babies are in our restaurants always at your service, well-maintained and clean.

Baby Care Room, You can take care of your baby in the baby care room next to the Miniclub, without needing to  go to your room.

Our honeymoon concept is based on the historical information that Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Roman General Antony spent one of the important stops of their honeymoon on the Anatolian coast in Kemer, and the information from the book published by the Italian Academy of Gastronomy in 2009, which contains the eating and drinking habits of historical characters where Cleopatra is also mentioned.
On the day of arrival, wine and a special dessert plate will be served.
Decoration in the room with bathrobes, slippers and special bed linens on the bed.
Breakfast service in the room on any desired day.
20% discount for 1 massage service at the spa center.

We present our birthday guests with a sapling from the CLOROPHYTUM VITTATUM plant, known as the Spider Plant in our garden, in a small pot. Spider Plant is one of the 12 plants on Earth that can produce oxygen in habitats beyond the Earth, according to NASA.
For your birthday and other special occasions, you can contact the Guest Relations desk and make a choose from our wide range of surprise services for a fee. Birthday cake, table decoration, request song, room decoration, special meal on the pier and any other surprises you can think of... If we can, why not do it?